The List

My second child is a son, the younger of two. By the time he was five years old, I knew that God had him on a path to something uniquely special. One of the ways that I knew is that the enemy was consistently attempting to alter that path. I began to keep a list of the “tricks” he tried to use. Some things I listed from hindsight, going back to his first year of life, and the rest as they occurred. There were times when the devil offered up some detours and my son had to choose how he would proceed. Many times the attacks were on his health and even his life.

There was an incident that occurred when he was about two years old. It was one of those Houdini things involving two large doors and a flight of stairs. I had gotten him ready to go run errands and had turned my attention to getting my things together. The next thing I heard was a knock on the front door. Still not realizing that he was not in the house with me, I went to answer. When I opened the door, there stood a stranger holding my child. I took him and I’m pretty sure that I thanked the man but it took a little while to process what had happened. I later found out that when he had left the house, he got on his little push bike and proceeded down the middle of the street. A truck was traveling down that road and pulled up behind him. That was the man who returned him to the house. Many scenarios went through my head but I was so thankful for God’s protection. He had a plan.

As a teen, he was in a one car accident when he rolled and totaled a van. Other motorists who were calling 911 were telling the operator that someone had to have died. He walked away from that accident. Later that day we went to see where the accident happened. The seen had been cleaned up but as we walked around I saw one small van window that had been left behind. I picked it up and underneath were my son’s glasses. God had preserved his life that day and as if we could possibly need any other assurance of His compassion for us, He attended to the details. And He had a purpose.

Just prior to him and his family moving overseas, he and a few friends went to do some shooting. My son went out to set up the targets. Not everyone was aware that he had gone and someone began firing. The gun being used had a silencer so my son could not hear the shots but he could hear the bullets passing by him. Several rounds were fired before someone intervened and the shooting stopped. The devil can’t change God’s plans.

These are just a few examples. There are many. I held these things in my heart as I watched God work in him…..and me. As each incident occurred and I watched God preserve what was His, for His purpose, my faith grew. There were detours, but I would recall His faithfulness and add to “the list” and I was not discouraged. Instead, my confidence grew. He gave me a perspective so that I could do my part. God would show me how to pray and give guidance. Unfolding in front of me was my own, very personal, lesson on how faithful God is to complete what He begins – a plan for my son and all those who would be affected in the future. A plan to impact a nation by showing the love of Jesus to men, women, children, and those marginalized by their society. Also, to impact those whom God has called to support their efforts.

But the Lord is faithful; He will strengthen

And guard you from the evil one.”

2 Thessalonians 3:3

Paul was exhorting the Thessalonians to stand on what they knew to be true, no matter what deception came their way. God had a plan and they could trust Him with their future. No trick of the enemy can compete with the God of the Universe and His ways.

Both my son and I trusted God with His plan and the future. At the appointed time, God established the ministry* and continues to be faithful daily as it is accomplished. When It was time for him to move to Uganda with his family, I gave him that list to take along as a remembrance of the faithfulness of God. What a gift it is to see God at work in our lives and to know that He is trustworthy to guard and keep us. We can be confident that the good plans which He has prepared will be accomplished and He will be glorified!

For we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus

For good works, which God has prepared

Ahead of time so that we should walk in them.”

Ephesians 2:10



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