Everybody’s Baby

At the end of our first year of marriage we had a son and almost five years later, we had a second. After that, I held a desire in my heart to have a third child – but that was not to happen for eight years. I had many conversations with God explaining how I felt about it and offering suggestions as to how He might handle things.  That desire never left my heart.  Just as He had been faithful in the waiting previously in my life, He was faithful once again.

Lord, my every desire is known to You,

My sighing is not hidden from You.” Psalm 38:9

As I waited, I learned to surrender still more to God: more expectation, more emotion, and more desires. I learned more submission to my husband as we sought God’s will for us in this. I learned to trust more that my God had the best plan for our good and I learned to have more gratitude for all that He had given me.

For My thoughts are not your thoughts,

And your ways are not My ways.

This is the Lord’s declaration.”

Isaiah 55:8

In His perfect plan, at the perfect time, God fulfilled my desire.  I recognized Him at work and because of what I learned about God in those years of waiting – I knew, before I knew.  I am so humbled by His goodness.

For Your faithful love is as high as

The heavens; Your faithfulness reaches the clouds”

Psalm 57:10

I had always thought a little girl would be a wonderful addition to our family but as the years passed with little boys, I wondered if I would even know what to do with a girl. God, in His wisdom, brought us that little girl. Vibrant color with bows and ruffles, nail polish and ballet shoes came into our lives.

With two big brothers, eight and thirteen, she was everybody’s baby and she enjoyed that status for quite a while. There had been a lot of discussion about what her name would be.  Twenty-two years ago, sonograms were not what they are today but as they did mine, they captured a still photo of her face.  When I saw it, I knew that God had named her.  Her name is Grace* because that is what our loving God had granted me in the waiting!


*see @gracepillz


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