The What And How

I had these three children. Very different ages: toddler, elementary age, and high school. So much was going on with each of them. How could I know what God’s plans for them would be? How could I pray a prayer that would really matter for each of them? And what would specifically speak to them so that they would hear me when I really needed them to. There I was again, waiting until I was at the end of myself to seek out God for these specifics.  And again, He was patiently waiting for me.  As I seek Him, His faithfulness sweeps me up every time and I am speechless beyond the praises that well up in my spirit. 

I will never forget that night.  I was in a ladies meeting.  We were worshiping when He answered my prayer asking for His help.  His response was as though He had just been waiting for me to get around to asking and it caught me off guard. I grabbed a pen and paper, writing each child’s name and the single word He instructed me to pray for each one along with the single word that described what would best speak to them.  I am so amazed, every time, at how much He loves me and wants me to be a part of what He is doing.  There is so much that is valuable for us to pray for our children and many things that might speak to them but I was asking God for what was on His heart and I remain in awe that He trusted me. 

Now, some twenty years later, they are all grown and on their own.  With a different perspective, I can see how God instructed me to pray directly into His plans for them.  God created each of them with a purpose and loves them with an everlasting love.

For the Lord is good, and His love is eternal;

His faithfulness endures through all generations.”

Psalm 100:5

They are all in different stages of life and I have been so blessed to watch them as they have walked into their future Him.  I am so grateful for God’s loving kindness and His willingness to do perfectly what I could not do as I walk imperfectly through this journey of parenting.


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