Sister-Friend, n. sis-ter-friend:  a female who has one or both parents in common with another – one attached to another by affection or esteem

Oh the affection I have for those friends I have walked beside and who have walked beside me in this life that God has given us.  And for those friends who are saved by His grace, we have a Father in common.  We are sisters. That is a bond that holds through the hard times. The passage in Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 ends with, “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”  You, me and Jesus. There is a futility in being alone but God puts us in a family.  We are designed for relationship – with Him and each other.

“The light of friendship is like the light of phosphorous,

Seen when all around is dark”  anonymous

I can not overstate what those relationships have meant to me throughout the years. From the time that I first surrendered my life to Jesus until the present, God has been faithful to comfort, encourage and challenge me through my sister-friends.  We all have difficult things to navigate in life but God never leaves us and He gave us each other….and we all love having someone to rejoice with!

“Rejoice with those who rejoice

and mourn with those who mourn”  Romans 12:15

“As iron sharpens iron,

So one person sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17

I had been married for a year and just had my first child.  I had no family living close by for support and no close friends.  I felt very alone and didn’t know much about being married or being a mom. God brought someone into my life who invited me to church and she became my first sister-friend.  My husband and I began attending that small local church and those believers became my family.  The group of young marrieds and young moms who attended there welcomed us in with open arms. I hadn’t realized just how large that void was until God began to fill it.  Through them, God began to teach me how to be a wife and mother.  He anchored me to His truth and discipled me. I felt as though my life had literally been saved.

As the years passed and I chose to stick close to the Lord, He was able to use me to comfort, encourage and challenge others. I think it is safe to say that we all need and are thankful for relationships like these. I am thankful to say that, for me, some of these relationships now go back thirty plus years and I value them so much – but I also have some that have only just begun and they also are of great value to me. When Christ is at the center, the time doesn’t seem to matter. God is so faithful to give us what we need, right when we need it.  I don’t ever want to take these relationships for granted.

“Be devoted to one another in love”

Romans 12:10a

Never underestimate what you can bring to someone’s circumstances when God places you there and they allow you in: a spoken word, the comfort of a hug or some practical help. Life is busy but He just wants you to be willing to share what He has done for you.  He will handle the rest.  Because God’s Spirit dwells in us, we have an opportunity to bring His love and speak life and truth into people’s lives.  So go, share your life and make a friend!

“The heartfelt counsel of a friend is

as sweet as perfume and incense.”

Proverbs 27:9


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